Conducting - Lebone II Chamber Choir

Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng - Chamber Choir

1 - Someone Like You mashup (Someone Like You, The Edge of Glory / Hot N Cold) 

2 - Stand By Me mashup, studio recording (Stand By Me / Every Breath You Take / Beautiful Girls) 

3 - Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins) 

4 - You and I and George (Matt Dennis, arr. Bragi Þór Valsson)

5 - Keep Your Lamps (African-American traditional, arr. Dr. André Thomas)

6 - Stand By Me Mashup, video of live performance (Stand By Me / Every Breath You Take / Beautiful Girls)

7 - Söknuður (Jóhann Helgason / Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson), performed by Regomoditswe Pilane 

Someone Like You mashup soloists: Thato Phinithi, Olebogeng More and Hannah Dwyer

Stand By Me mashup soloists: Regomoditswe Pilane, Liam Jennings, Thato Phinithi and Murray Hines

Oh Happy Day soloists: Regomoditswe Pilane, Thato Phinithi, Oreratile Gaoraelwe and Olebogeng More