The President Is Missing

The President Is Missing
Published: 6/4/2018
President Bill Clinton and bestselling novelist James Patterson have written a spellbinding thriller, The President is Missing. As the novel opens, a threat looms. Enemies are planning an attack of unprecedented scale on America. Uncertainty and fear grip Washington. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the cabinet. The President himself becomes a suspect, and then goes missing... Set in real time, over the course of three days, The President Is…

I don’t remember having read lots of Patterson’s books before but I am sure that I will in the future considering how much I enjoyed this one. This book, while in many ways a typical thriller, is fast-paced (a lot of people criticize Patterson for his short chapters but it didn’t bother me) and unusual in the way that you definitely hear Clinton’s voice through. Sure, the president character is very idealistic and for us non-Americans the book sometimes veers too much into “America – we’re number one!”, but it certainly shouldn’t be a surprise that a book told in first person by “the president” would be very America-centric.

I found both the cybercrime and political aspects very believable and there were enough plot twists (although some were a bit predictable) to keep the story interesting.

Read: June 2018
Recommended: yes, if you like thrillers.
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