Clarinettist – Recital

Clarinet recital at the Nordic House in Reykjavik in 2002.

This was Bragi’s final concert before graduating from the Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson music school. Like many other things Bragi does, he decided to do his “classical” clarinet recital a little different.  The 1st part is quite traditional – clarinet with piano.  The 2nd half, however, is Klezmer music that Bragi arranged, except for the last song which he borrowed from a Czech children’s TV show. He also got some great musicians to rehearse and play with him (they’re listed below).

Clarinet: Bragi Þór Valsson

Piano (1st half): Þóra Fríða Sæmundsdóttir

Guitar: Ragnar Örn Emilsson

Bass: Daníel Brandur Sigurgeirsson

Drums: Hannes Pétursson

Piano & Accordion (2nd half): Stefán Arason

Nordic House in Reykjavik

1st part – w/ piano

1 – Maurice Ravel

2 – Francis Poulenc 1st movement 

3 – Francis Poulenc 2nd movement 

4 – Francis Poulenc 3rd movement 

5 – Igor Stravinsky 1st movement 

6 – Igor Stravinsky 2nd movement 

7 – Igor Stravinsky 3rd movement 

The following piece was specially composed for Bragi by Finnish composer Tom Bäckström and World Premiered at this recital:

8 – Tom Bäckström 1st movement 

9 – Tom Bäckström 2nd movement 

10 – Tom Bäckström 3rd movement 

11 – Tom Bäckström 4th movement 

2nd part – Klezmer music w/ band

12 – Palestina 

13 – Mazel Tov 

14 – Fon der Khupe 

15 – Rushishe Sher 

16 – A je to 

The a je to guys