Singer – Rokklingarnir

Rokklingarnir was a (maybe surprisingly) huge phenomenon in Iceland in the years 1989-1993.  Albums sold in their truckloads, there were hundreds upon hundreds of fans at the well-promoted gigs and poster and album signings.  Some of the TV performances and videos have made it onto Youtube (thanks, Youtube!) and here they are for your entertainment.

On TV show “Live with Hemmi Gunn” 29. november 1989. Bragi (the chubby kid in the strange pink outfit) sings solo around 05:20 in the video:

In this music video, Bragi doesn’t actually sing, but plays two whole acting roles, on one hand the all-understanding bartender (to whom the hero is telling his sad story) and on the other hand the love-interest’s new boyfriend, a goofy looking fellow seen in the very end of the video:

In this TV performance from 1990, Bragi is awesomely cool as he sings a solo around 05:30 in the video:

The group performed on the same live show yet again in 1991. No solo singing from Bragi here – just some background stuff, including very convincingly faking some bongo playing:

What follows are four official music videos by Rokklingarnir. How much Bragi appears in them varies but they’re all posted here for the sake of posterity. The lack of modern-day quality can be blamed on the fact that these music videos are all from VHS tape: