Sick Puppy

I downloaded this book on a recommendation from a friend. Not exactly the biggest page-turner, it took me a few days to finish and it was… ok. Many of the characters are quite over-the-top but still reasonably believable. I do like that one of them is a bit of a nature-terrorist, in that he terrorizes people who, in his opinion, have damaged nature in some way. Completely unstable and a bit scary, but somehow also likeable because he’s doing it all for a good cause.  I mean, who of you doesn’t occasionally want to follow someone home who threw their McDonalds box out the car window and torch their house?

I for one didn’t know that there are also major lobbyists working in local government in the USA – I always thought it was just a Washington thing, so I got educated on that front. One thing I did absolutely love about the book is that (and I didn’t know this before I started reading) most of it takes place in and around Tallahassee, where I lived from 2002 to 2004, so most of the locations are quite familiar to me.

This is apparently the fourth book in a series but that made no negative impact on my reading experience.

Read: June 2018
Recommended: Yes, if you like slightly weird light reading.
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